When the Düsseldorf Exhibition Centre once again becomes the hot spot for the print-media industry during drupa (31 May to 10 June), the city will heartily welcome the hundreds of thousands of visitors from around the world. Düsseldorf will be painted red with numerous activities as the metropolis on the Rhine is transformed into drupacity. The goal of this joint initiative of Messe Düsseldorf and Destination Düsseldorf is not to merely create visibility for the trade fair theme in the city, but rather to really make it come alive. Whether a rolling 3D laboratory or fashion collections made of paper – dozens of attractive offerings communicate the core drupa theme in a way that is innovative and creative, yet understandable for interested laypeople, while targeting international visitors as well as residents of Düsseldorf.

“With the aid of several events, Düsseldorf will demonstrate that the city and its residents identify with the trade fair theme. This promotes location ties,” states Destination Düsseldorf Managing Director, Boris Neisser. “So of course we’re delighted about the positive response to the initiative, and the fact that Düsseldorf’s service industry is actively involved.” More than 50 partners from the hotel, gastronomy, retail and transport industries will be supporting drupacity with diverse activities – from a “paper art market” to innovative 3D projects to so-called drupabases in hotels, at the airport and the central station, as well as in other locations.

One highlight that is sure to enjoy plenty of attention is “Wolfgang”: a Berlin-style double-decker bus that the GoetheLab at the Technical University of Aachen had converted into a mobile 3D printer laboratory. It brings the latest scientific discoveries in the area of additive manufacturing technology – more commonly known as 3D printing – from the stationary lab into the city, and makes technology understandable while bringing it alive. Eight computer workspaces complete with 3D printers allow visitors to learn how to virtually construct an object that will later be printed three-dimensionally. Moreover, the FabBus – a combination of the words “fabber” and “bus” – features a showroom with specialist books on the subject, a lounge area, and a coffee and tea bar. And how did “Wolfgang” get its nickname? Why, from Germany’s most famous poet himself, in reference to the GoetheLab on Goethe Strasse in Aachen.

The drupa highlight theme, 3D printing, will also be visible throughout the inner city, in shopping malls and large department stores. In the Schadow Arkaden, for example, visitors will be able to observe how the Düsseldorf TV tower emerges on so-called delta towers over the course of the entire trade fair. Or how a 15-second body scan transforms into a unique 3D figure. Or how giveaways are produced in as little as 20 minutes – little ghosts that glow in the dark. In addition, the winner of a drawing contest at Galeria Kaufhof Am Wehrhahn will later receive the subject of their drawing as a 3D object.

Further attractive exhibitions on the Kö will feature extraordinary items made of paper. Under the name “Paper Art Market”, stilwerk will show works by various artists, while the Kö Galerie presents a special fashion collection made of paper, designed by students of the Media Design School Düsseldorf. The theme of the collection is based on this year’s drupa slogan, “touch the future”.

Düsseldorf’s hotel and gastronomy businesses will also drape the city in red, spoiling their guests at drupabases – for example with special culinary delights. And if the way to a man’s heart is through his stomach, “printen” go the same route – the druPRINTen from the baker’s guild, that is: specially baked versions of the traditional “printen” cookie, decorated with the drupacity logo and a Düsseldorf motif, which will be offered in 100 bakeries, and handed out at the airport and in hotels as giveaways.
To ensure that visitors feel welcome in the state capital from the moment they arrive, they will be greeted not only personally by friendly Drupaulas and Drupauls – welcoming teams dressed entirely in red – at the Düsseldorf airport and the central station, but also by a special testimonial campaign on billboards. These testimonials are intentionally not from celebrities, but from representatives of individual professions, who welcome drupa guests with individual quotes. And as a reminder of their visit, all drupa guests will of course receive a suitable souvenir: the city symbol – the Düsseldorf cartwheel – will be available in the tourist information locations as a 3D figure.

The city guide, Düsseldorf inside, will offer a clear overview of the drupacity programmes. It will be available on the exhibition grounds, as well as in more than 400 distribution points in Düsseldorf and throughout North Rhine-Westphalia. As of late April, the entire programme will also be posted online at www.drupacity.com, and published via Messe Düsseldorf’s social media channels.

All information on drupacity is available in German and English, and Drupaula and Drupaul will also be at your service – speaking several languages. Welcome to drupacity 2016!